Saturday, November 3, 2007

Demo at Biltmore Lake

HCC's Woodsmen's team was invited to 'strut their stuff' (see picture... Forestry Club President James Bentley engaged in strutting) at Biltmore Lake's 1st Fall Festival this weekend. A crowd of over 400 residents of Biltmore Lake in Asheville got to watch the team perform a number of timbersports events including crosscut sawing, underhand chopping, and chainsawing. A couple of spectators even strapped on chaps and pulled saws with teammembers. Forestry students Josh Roten, James Bentley, and Braxton Spurlin and Fish and Wildlife students Erin Bellavia and Jarret Guffey participated in the demo. Students participated in the event as part of their fundraising efforts to host the 2008 Stihl Mid-Atlantic Woodsmen's Meet which will take place at Haywood in April.

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