Monday, October 6, 2008

Meeting Recap from 10/6/08

Just hitting the high spots from the meeting here.

Concerning SGA events:

We need the names of any and all volunteers who can help out with one or more of the nine scheduled events. For a list of these events, please see a FC officer. The more folks we can get out there helping, the better our chances of winning 'Top Club' are. Again, see a FC officer to submit your name.

Concerning the Cradle:

GREAT JOB GUYS!!! We didn't win first, but, no worries, that can be remedied. I was proud to see the sheer overabundance of Haywood team spirit! I was also proud to see the heart certain individuals showed in fighting 'til the time limit, and not giving up! We have a great team, y'all, let's pull it together and take it to 'em at State for Roleo on the 15th of November. Practice, more practice.

Other events:

Any and all team members interested in the SAWA meet in Cruso, to be held on October 18th, need to get your names to Jimmy ASAP. There will be a $10.00 membership fee (this covers all eight shows for next year as well), and then a $5.00 fee per event you enter. Jimmy doesn't need your money right now, but will in the next week. Practice up, 'cause you could be on TV! No pressure there.........

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