Monday, April 6, 2009

American Chestnut Foundation Presentation

Hey there folks!

Today we had Bryan Burhans from the American Chestnut Foundation share with us the state of the American chestnut, and what they have done to further research into the restoration of this American giant. He spoke of the American chestnut's historical, ecological and economic importance, as well as some of the traits and characteristics that made it such an important player in the construction of our country's infrastructure. The breeding programs that are being developed by the foundation are sighted in on eventual reintroduction and restoration of this once dominant tree to our national forests. Here are a few shots from the Presentation, as well as a link to the foundation's site. I encourage you to check it out, and possibly become a supporter. A special thanks to Bryan for the presentation, Frank for all the hard work in setting this up, and all the great folks that showed up to support our club.


This is Bryan doing his presentation

Here is club president Frank Potts presenting Bryan with a HCC Forestry Club T-shirt

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