Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Meeting Minutes (alliteration is fun!)

We had an awesome turnout for the meeting today (thanks everyone!), and as promised, here are the subjects we covered that need to be remembered (dates and such).

  1. Weekly Meeting time: The decided upon meeting time will remain 12:20 every Monday afternoon.
  2. Club dues: We would like to have the dues turned in ASAP (prefferably by next meeting if possible) These dues will go toward SAF application costs as well as T-shirt costs. The cost is just $5 a semester.
  3. Club T-shirts: Club T-shirts should be available by next meeting, and will cost $12 for club members or $15 for non-club members.
  4. Wednesday August 26th: Woodsman team / Forestry Club Cookout starts at 5PM and ends whenever the last folks leave. We are doing this knowing that there are some of you freshmen out there that don't get out of lab until 7pm, and we want you to be there to enjoy a burger and good company. See y'all there.
  5. Saturday August 29th: Jammin' on the Mill Pond starts at 10AM and ends at 8PM. We will be running a booth there as well as demonstrating timber sports events for onlookers. We are looking for people to run the booth (selling T-shirts) and demo the events. If you didn't sign up at the meeting, but are interested in supporting the clu, get with a club officer to submit your name.
  6. Sunday August 30th: Club rafting trip on the Nantahala River. See previous post for specifics.
  7. Saturday September 5th: Timbersports demo at the GSMNP fund raiser in Waynesville. I know that this is during Labor Day, but any help working the booth or doing an event would be very much appreciated.
  8. Tuesday September 15th: The ApSAF Pisgah and Nantahala chapters will be leading a tour of the Waynesville watershed. Other chapers involved will include our own HCC student chapter, the student chapter from Warren Wilson College, and hopefully students from the Western Carolina student chapter. Topics discussed will cover silvicultural treatments within the watershed, the status and direction of the watershed project, and much more. We will need volunteers to help cook burgers and represent the college in a positive manner. This is a great opportunity to meet forestry professionals in the area, so keep this tour in mind. The tour should run from approximately 4:15 to 5:30 or 6:00 with a cookout following. More details will follow.
  9. Saturday October 3rd: John G Palmer Intercollegiate Timbersports Meet at the Cradle of Forestry. Practice at the shed began today, remember, practice makes perfect while making you eligible to compete. We discussed requirements for competition, and have determined that a couple of hours (3-4) a week is necessary to be competitive against Penn State Mont-Alto. Team Captains, Daniel Jones and Jeremy Graves, will be watching who shows up and is actually practicing and will ultimately judge who can and can't qualify to compete. BE THERE!
  10. FIREWOOD!!!! We are looking for volunteers to chop and haul firewood. Seek out Rance Rogers or Boomer for more details.
Well, That's all for now folks!

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