Monday, November 24, 2008

Forestry Club Meeting Notes

Here's what was discussed:

1) Trail Maintenance at Erwin High School
  • Frank will be traveling to meet with Ann Weatherly on Wednesday Dec. 3rd at 3PM to discuss a plan of action. Anyone who wishes to go with him is welcome, just meet at the vans at 2PM.
  • We start maintenance presumably on Dec. 6th, so anyone who is interested needs to get with a FC officer to add their name to the list.

2) T-shirts

  • T-shirts are up for the vote once again, as the previous design scheme was deemed too detailed. Anyone's design could win, so get something (ie. A design and/or slogan) together to present at the next meeting.

3) SAWA Meeting

  • Is to be held in Concord, NC at noon on December 7th
  • Hopefully we will have a school van to take, so we will be meeting at the vans at 7AM Sunday Morning to head out.
  • Bring money for any membership dues (if you wish to join), and lunch
  • Jimmy stresses that this meeting is very important, especially for members and future members of SAWA, as many policies and procedures as well as club officers will be voted on/for.

4) New FC meeting time

  • As was voted on unanimously, we will now be meeting bi-monthly rather than weekly, as much of the information has become redundant, and with exams coming, study time is precious. The next scheduled meeting will be December 8th.

5) Trail Maintenance on the Beatty Forest

  • Get with Andrew Stewart or Bob Pinkston if you wish to assist on this project.

Well, that's all folks! Study hard and have fun!


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