Monday, November 3, 2008

Notes from the 11/3/08 club meeting

Howdy folks! Here are a few of the highlights.......

  1. Fall Fling volunteers are needed this Wednesday to help out as well as help represent our club. See a club officer to ask what you can do.
  2. Concerning club t-shirts: Be sure to have your design and/or slogan ready by next Monday, keep in mind we want mountains, some wildlife and, of course, trees. We'll be putting them to the vote during the next meeting.
  3. We are still looking for donations for the silent auction.
  4. Erwin High School has paid us the honor of asking for our help in clearing a nature trail on their property, so we'll be looking for volunteers to help with that.
  5. Be thinking of dates for the following:
  • Lumberjack dinner/breakfast
  • Silent Auction
  • Maintenance on the Beaty Forest trails/campground
  • Preston Forest trail maintenance
  • Hike to Shining Rock

That's all I have, folks. Keep studying, and have fun!


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Cammie said...

I still think you guys ought to take an afternoon and try to solicit donations from shops on Main Street, in Frog Level, maybe even from Diamond Brand and Black Dome. Lowes, WalMart, and other national chains frequently have a budget for charitable contributions. Local artisans and craftspeople will often donate an item as a form of advertising!