Saturday, January 23, 2010

ApSAF Winter Meeting

It's almost time, folks, Wednesday is coming up fast. All sophomores that haven't renewed their SAF membership but are planning on attending the Winter Meeting in Greenville, need to try to get it done ASAP. You can renew at the meeting, but it slows things down for the group. An important email was forwarded to me concerning PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed for the student tour on Thursday, so I'm posting an excerpt from that letter here, and will go over it again on Tuesday at the FC meeting.

ApSAF Winter Meeting Student Tour

Hello to all. I just wanted to send out a quick reminder regarding PPE for the ApSAF Student tour on Thursday Jan 28th. Please advise students and others planning to attend the tour to wear boots suitable for a field visit (they do not have to be steel toed but should afford substantial ankle support). Also, high-vis vests and hard hats along with safety glasses will be required. Realizing that every student might not have an orange vest, glasses and hard had, I will have some available, but please bring what you have..


W.C.Tucker, Jr.

That's all I have for now folks, see you on Tuesday.


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