Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome Back Folks!

Well, another semester has begun and, after the first week, it hold the promise of being a cold one! Club officers met Tuesday to discuss activities and possible projects and have cobbled together a rough outline of what's in store for us this semester. Sarah Miller has already taken the initiative to get a calendar posted on the Forestry Club bulletin board, so look for solid dates posted there. Here's what we have so far...
  2. The annual ApSAF Winter Meeting is slated to take place Jan. 27th through Jan. 29th in Greenville, NC. This is a great opportunity for students following the forestry track. At this meeting, students will get the opportunity to attend technical sessions presented by some of the top minds in our field as well as participate in a field tour presented by the local SAF chapter. This is an excellent chance for students to meet professionals in our field of study, make important contacts, and also to meet students from other colleges. Preference will be given to sophomores in the program, and the students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to attend. More information will be given at our meeting on Tuesday.
  3. We will be hosting a guest speaker on Feb. 9th. Ched Kearse, the current ApSAF Executive Committee Chair, has agreed to come speak with us. An agenda and subject matter will be posted soon.
  4. Timber Beast, the timbersports event hosted by Virginia Tech will be held toward the end of February at Virginia Tech. We really want to send a team, so be thinking about whether you will be able to make it.
  5. Mid-Atlantic is going to be held in Pennsylvania this year around mid-April. WE WILL WIN THIS ONE!!!! Practice during January and February will have a low-expectation practice schedule, but we are going to be cranking that dial UP in March and April. We spanked Penn State Mont-Alto at the Cradle and we will do it again, this time on their home turf! Commitment is expected!
  6. Firewood orders are rolling in with the cold snap we've had over the past month, and we only have enough cut wood to fill about one order. WE NEED FOLKS TO HELP WITH THE CUTTING AND SPLITTING OF WOOD!!! This is our primary way to earn money for the club, and with this cold weather we could make a bundle. Please help with this project, folks! See Rance Rogers or Boomer for times to volunteer.
Well, folks, I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Tuesday!


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